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NURSERY PLANNING: How To Prepare For Baby

Congratulations! This is an exciting time in your life. Preparing for a baby is as instinctual as it can be fun! (Really, google pregnancy nesting if you don't believe me).

Much like your wedding, you may have dreamed of your baby's ideal nursery, long before you were actually having a baby.

A new baby is going to have lots of needs, and one of those needs is lots, and lots of stuff. I'm going to help you get organized and plan the perfect baby nursery to welcome your new bundle of joy.

  • First things first you'll need to decide on a theme for the nursery. Are you having a boy? Or a girl? Multiples? All this matters in how much you'll need to buy but also how you will set up the actual room.

  • Next you'll need to take an inventory of which baby supplies you already have and what you'll need to purchase.

  • While you wait to accumulate the rest of the items you need, you can prep the room you intend to use for the nursery. This includes any painting, decorations, and furniture (be sure to assemble all furniture inside of the nursery in case the furniture is too large to fit through the door).

  • Room prep should include installing a smoke and carbon dioxide detector, as well as a light dimmer or lamp so you can alternate between lighting as needed.

*Bonus tip: oil the hinges of your door to avoid waking the baby when you enter or leave a room.

  • I'd recommend these furniture pieces for your nursery (keep in mind many of these items come in portable or space saving options if you are sharing a room with your new baby):

  • Portable washing machine (if you don't have a traditional washer and dryer)

  • Stereo or speakers to play soothing music

  • BabyCam or baby monitor (if you don't plan on co-sleeping this will be a life saver. You'll avoid unnecessary trips to the nursery every time your baby fusses)

  • Toy organizer (a place for everything, and everything in it's place.)

  • Dresser (babies go through a ton of clothes, it'll help to have easy access to clothes).

  • Comfortable chair (for nursing or rocking your baby to sleep)

  • Diaper genie (you'll thank me later)

  • Changing table (organize wipes, diapers, diaper cream, etc. nearby for easy changing)

  • Mattress cover (will save you so much trouble in the long run)

  • A crib and/or bassinet

  • Wash and put away all your baby clothes. Organize your closet by size, that way it'll be easier to remove the clothes and shoes as your baby outgrows them.

  • If you have other children, get them involved in the nursery preparation. It'll help them feel included and will nurture their relationship long before your new baby arrives.

  • There are many other items your baby will need but won't be kept in the nursery.

​Download a free newborn checklist to make sure you have all the supplies you'll need! My expert advice? Set up the nursery as far in advance as possible. In the days closer to your birth you'll have enough to worry about with appointments, hospital visits, or you may be on bed rest. It's best to check this off your list ASAP. If you're looking for more hands on support or guidance through your pregnancy or postpartum healing, check out our holistic doula services

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