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"I remember always feeling like there were lots of problems but few solutions in my life.  When I acknowledged my past, my traumas, my pain; I was able to heal myself.  In complete self acceptance comes unconditional love.  When you truly love yourself & know that you are worthy of being loved, you stop accepting less. Changing my mind literally changed my life."


est. 2020

Hi, I'm Day

I'm the founder & owner of In Day's Care, Apothecary & Botanica.

My holistic journey started out with a fascination and (A FEW) unsuccessful attempts at Veganism. The older I got, the more I started to seek out a more traditional, natural and holistic lifestyle. I began to experiment with different herbs & oils, creating products for my own personal use and to share with friends and family. I slowly changed my diet and became a student of life.



Upon creating these products, I was able to phase out harmful, chemical-ridden products for more natural, multiuse products with fewer ingredients.  These are all products that I swear by!  Since incorporating them into my lifestyle years ago, I have not gone back! I use them daily as a part of my self care and wellness routines.

You should too.

Since starting In Day's Care, I have relied heavily on my spirituality and intuition to make the transition to professional herbalist and root worker. I had taken over 350 hours of herbalist certification courses, read countless books and in time I realized a lot of my practices weren't mine, but were passed down from the generations before me.  I already knew a lot of what I was studying in these courses. As I explored my heritage, my knowledge of herbs and healing grew.  And in 2020 I had found a name for my practice, Hoodoo. 

​On this journey of mine, I also discovered a love for astrology. I enjoy studying the cosmos and their influence over everything on this beautiful planet. The movement of the stars and their interactions with each other, affect us all. This is a theme that is constantly repeated in my studies of Hoodoo and various holistic healing practices.  It is also a theme ever present in the creation of my products and services, as well as my with my work with clients.

Dayelle Harris is originally from the Bronx, NY with maternal roots in South Carolina.  She is the proud mother of two daughters.  She is 5x self- published author, with her work ranging from poetry anthologies to guiding you through the cognitive restructuring of your mind via meditation.  She is a plant based foodie, armature gardener & enjoys growing her own food.  She likes to express herself through painting, journaling, and yoga. 


Certified Holistic Health Practitioner (CoE) |Certified Postpartum Doula (CAPPA)|Certified Master Herbalist (IAP, CoE) |Certified Meditation Teacher- CMT 300 (YogaMu)|Certified Crystal Healing Practitioner (CoE)|Certified Usui Reiki Master (Natural Healer Institute|Certified Yoga Instructor- RYT 200(YogaMu)Yoga Alliance International| (YAI) Registered Member

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