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Why You Can't Afford To NOT Be A 'Morning Person'

Grand Rising and Peace & Blessings ✨

I can't stress the importance of a routine to start your day! Mapping out your day before you even begins allows you some mental clarity because you already have you daily itinerary all set.

The great thing about morning routines is that they are yours. They are completely personal and can be tailored to suit your lifestyle needs. How early should you rise? What should you do first? Some people like a nice brisk shower in the morning to help wake them up. Others need complete silence and meditation.

my daily morning routine

I can't start my day without a cup of tea and meditation. For the last 6 weeks have been waking up at 5:30 (the girls rise anywhere from 6 am to 7:30 am) to get in my Diastasis Recti workouts, my meditation, and a chance to enjoy silence before the impending chaos ensues...

Today, I'm watering plants and reading before I open a single email.

Carefully crafting how you start each day translates over to how you approach the rest of your day. It's a fresh start, every single day. A chance to try something new or to try again...

I bet by now, you're asking yourself how to create a morning routine? Or which activities would you add?

word of advice

While trying to create your perfect morning routine, I'd suggest a few days to really focus on what you do every morning and how your mornings could be improved? Once you know what you'd like to incorporate and/or improve you can begin tweaking your scheduling. I know I said the point of a morning routine is to alleviate stress, and scheduling sounds stressful! But it doesn't have to be. Scheduling will save you time in the long run and free up mental space to allow you to be more productive and mindful through out your day. So are you setting yourself up for a productive and positive day? Or are you still slumping through mornings? ​ This is one of the many habits we can create in my 1:1 Spiritual Wellness Coaching Program. Get more details on how I can help you transform trauma into lessons that help you create the best version of you and schedule a free spiritual wellness call below

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