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When’s the last time you shared a genuine connection? I mean, when’s the last time you had an interaction that made you feel full?

There can sometimes be a overemphasis placed on the self; from focusing on yourself in order to heal to the narcissistic tendencies amplified via social media. Both of which can result in isolation, ostracization, and just opting to go it alone.


It's very easy for us to supplement human connection with the instant gratification that is social media. I'm guilty of using the liking of a post as the only means of "keeping in touch" with people. I use to live vicariously through their highlight reels and the lives they were seemingly creating for themselves.

However, I was feeling a huge disconnect; from everyone. Even with having access to so many more people than previously imaginable, I felt alone and unseen. A part of it stemmed from the actual physical isolation brought to us by the Pandemic. But through further self healing, I realized that I was avoiding disappointment.


I was an introvert before I even knew what it was called. I hated small talk, large crowds, and mostly everything pop culture. But I was able to sift through the all the noise to find my people, my soul tribe. We were so similar, yet so different; like pieces to the same puzzle.

Having those genuine connections changed something for me. My outlook on everything changed, including my desire to live in isolation. I had been avoiding the very thing I had been so hopelessly searching for.


I hope this post has urged you to reconnect. Call instead of texting, go to brunch, finally set that playdate, let your friend set you up on that date. However it looks for you, I want you to remember that we are a collective consciousness. To raise your vibration and to heal yourself is to pay it forward, it is to heal another.


In Day's Care LLC offers group healing to help you feel more connected and in tune.

Group guided meditation/yoga & reiki healing

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