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So, What is a yoni? YONI CARE 101

Updated: Apr 29

Are you lost when it comes to all the Yoni talk? There's a lot of misinformation out there, but don't worry. I'm here to set the record straight.

Yoni is the Sanskrit word for womb, and the female reproductive organs. It also refers to the female sexual organs such as Vagina, Vulva, and Uterus. In recent popularity, yoni care has become almost synonymous with unlocking our innate divine femininity energy.

Ok but what does that mean??


The Yoni is associated with the Sacral Chakra. The Sacral chakra is linked to pleasure, sensuality, sexuality & sexual intimacy, giving/receiving pleasure, creativity and unstructured expression.

A person who's sacral chakra is aligned will be tuned into their creativity, sensuality, and sexuality. They will also experience stronger intuition, balanced emotions, an increase in creativity, improved emotional health, and/or greater sexual intimacy.

On the other hand, a person experiencing an imbalance in the Sacral chakra, may manifest symptoms such as detachment, isolation, anxiety, loneliness, low libido or lack of creative inspiration.

An over-active Sacral chakra may leave you feeling consumed by your emotions, as if drowning in them, experiencing emotional ups and downs, using escapism to avoid life, showing obsessive affection that isn’t returned, or engaging in inappropriate expressions of sexuality.


Aligning your yoni energy with your yoni hygiene routine should include unblocking your chakras and the cleansing of the outer vagina for optimal yoni health. Yoni steaming or herbal baths are a great way to unleash your divine feminine energy & unblock your chakras.

Our Yoni Wellness Herbal Bath Blend is great to use at home for yoni steaming & yoni baths.
  • Aids in pH balance

  • Supports increased lubrication & libido

  • Regulate menstrual flow

  • Eases bloating & PMS symptoms

  • Contains Natural Aphrodisiac.

Follow up your steam with a cleanse and some meditation or massage using our Sacral Yoni Oil to tap into your sacral chakra, with our Sacral Yoni Infused Oil.

If you're needing some additional support to get your chakras aligned and getting your energy free flowing, book a reiki or crystal healing session with me. Happy Healing!

Follow our reiki/ energy healing Instagram page for some yoni affirmations.

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