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PREGNANT & GETTIN' IT: Tips From A Birth Doula

Every woman experiences pregnancy differently. For some, it is a effortless magical time where they don't have to make any major lifestyle changes. For others, the pressure to be diligent and healthy coupled with hormonal changes, can be anxiety inducing.

As a holistic doula, I like to assist my clients by providing them with the knowledge necessary to reach their pregnancy goals. It's good to have support during this time (if you're reading this article I assume you're currently pregnant or trying to conceive) and doula will do just that.

Here are some tips I've learned along the way to keep you active, healthy, so you can be pregnant & gettin' it too!


If we're being honest, many of us don't follow a strict exercise regimen (kudos to those of you that do, you don't need this article). So it's unrealistic to begin one during pregnancy. However, there are many non- committal ways to stay active during your pregnancy.

  • WALKING: Opting to take the stairs or going for short walks every day is a great way to stay active. It can also help to induce labor later on in your pregnancy.

  • EXERCISE: I know, I said earlier that pregnancy isn't the time to start a strict exercise regimen, but hear me out. Exercise doesn't have to be intense, you just need to get your heart rate up! So have a dance party while no one is looking, play a game of tag with your kiddos, or go for a bike ride. Whatever physical activities you enjoy doing, continue to do them. Just be sure to get the OK from your doctor.


A common pregnancy symptom is food cravings. Some women crave all their favorite foods, while others crave random foods, even some less appetizing combinations. But what if I told you that you could still have chocolate or whatever else you've been craving? Give into your cravings, just tweak them to assure you and your baby are receiving key nutrients during your pregnancy. For example: you can enjoy that cheeseburger, just hold off on the bun or the side of fries. There are also easy swaps you can make to a meal for added nutrition. Try swapping out mayo on your sandwich for avocado slices, you still get the creaminess you crave without all the junk. Craving something sweet? Two words... CHOCOLATE HUMMUS. It's a real thing and it's delicious. It goes great with fruit, or pretzels, or alone... no judgement here.


One major regret from both my pregnancies was giving up on my appearance. Granted, you are creating life so keeping up appearances can seem trivial. However, we've all heard the saying "when you look good, you feel good" right? The first trimester of pregnancy is the easiest when it comes to dressing up and showing out. This is largely because you still fit your pre-pregnancy clothes and you may not "look pregnant". Once you begin to show, or once your clothes no longer fit, the challenge begins. Now, I know welcoming a baby is not cheap, I know I couldn't afford a new wardrobe during my first pregnancy. But it is important to invest in a few staple pieces that you can dress up or dress down. This all of course depends on you own personal style but there are some great (affordable) options out there. I suggest finding a pair of jeans that fit well, comfortable around your bump, but still hugs your curves and makes you feel sexy. Like I said before, looking good makes you feel good. Feeling good is the key getting that pregnancy glow (that and hormones) everyone always talks about. Check back for more tips to being your most fabulous pregnant self.


I hope I've given you a lot to consider, but also a push in the right direction. If you feel you need more support or guidance through your pregnancy or postpartum healing, learn more about our holistic doula services

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