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MOM SPOTLIGHT: Christinia Joseph

As a part of my Life After Birth series, I'll be highlighting moms that have their sh*t together! I'll be highlighting women who are taking care of business and being a great mom, all while making it look easy!

The first mom to be celebrated is Christinia Joseph, a mom of four under four (two sets of twins!), a wife, chemist, and small business owner. She does it all.

I had the pleasure of interviewing her for my site, check it out below...

Tell us about yourself?

Hi! It's Christinia Joseph here! A 30 year old wife and mother of 4 (2 sets of twins). I was born in Ithaca NY but raised in The Bronx. I currently reside in Brooklyn, working in Manhattan in a Perfumery Lab as a Technician. I am the creator and owner of LionessLuxury, a handcrafted home essentials and decor online Etsy shop. I am currently working to make my passion my full time and only job.

What's the hardest thing about raising twins?

They do everything at the same time! The only good thing they do at the same time is nap but other than that, I have to change them 2 at time, feed them two at a time and even bathe them two at a time. It's a lot. They are very territorial. You would expect them to be use to sharing, but they're not.

What's the greatest thing about raising twins? Seeing them interact. They feed off each other so that also motivates them overall. How'd you react to the news that you were having twins? I cried the first time I found out. Was your reaction the same the second time around? I laughed! It wasn't a surprise to me, I was expecting it. What does your typical day look like? A day home with them would be: wake up, feed them breakfast, interact with them, get lunch ready then feed them again, let them play, work on orders, wash dishes and do other chores, nap time, work some more/do chores or take a nap (I usually eat for the first time when they nap, so yea), prepare food for when they wake up and feed them, let them play or watch TV and interact with them, prepare their last meal and feed them, get them ready for bed and relax. Just to summarize. How has COVID-19 affected your way of parenting? It hasn't really affected my way of parenting, just the amount of time I spend with them is more since I'm home from work. It has put me in the position of being the teacher and parent which is difficult to separate most of the time.

What milestones do you look forward to sharing with your children? Or have already shared?

I look forward to every first day of school. I have already experienced that with my oldest set. Also, their first dates and getting their driver's license, sending them off to college (praying they decide to go away lol). And of course them giving me grand babies!

What's your favorite quality about each of your children? All of them are very smart and funny. My oldest though, is hilarious! He's always being silly (even when I'm serious). My second oldest (his twin) is very wise. Watch what you say around him cause he will repeat it exactly like you said. My baby girl and only girl is so soft and gentle. She carries herself like a real lady. My youngest is very affectionate; a mama's boy. What do you enjoy most about being a mom? I enjoy being able to see them repeat/demonstrate and recite everything (all the good things lol) I have taught them. Feeling the love they express to me and just watching them grow. What do you enjoy least about being a mom? Child, I'm tired! Do you want anymore children in the future? Nope. Kitchen is closed. How do you hold onto being you and not just being mommy? I make sure I make me time. Regardless of what time it is. It can be 3 p.m. or 3 a.m., I'm going to make sure I do the things I enjoy whether its watching my favorite ratchet shows, doing my hair and nails or evening cleaning. Any time management or organization tips/hacks for other moms? Make a schedule and stick to it! You are able to manage your time once you know everything that has to get done in the day on a regular basis for yourself. Even if your child doesn't actually take a nap, just put them in their crib/bed/room so you can get done what you need to.


If you would like to be featured or would like to nominate a deserving mom,

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