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INTRODUCING: The Virtual Doula Series

These are some trying times we're living in these days.

There are many businesses and industries that have had to adapt to social isolation/ distancing and not being able to interact face to face with customers and clients.

There is such a strain on health care industry currently, Doulas are needed now more than ever! But how can we still support our clients, if we can't see them in person?

I'm sure you guessed it (the title is a dead give away), but In Day's Care, LLC will be offering virtual doula services! I will be making arrangements to support clients via video calls and this new series on my blog.

I'll be sharing tips and tricks of the trade. I'll also be providing some free resources for you all to help you feel supported, virtually of course. We'll be covering all stages of your birthing experience, so they'll be tons of content for women trying to conceive, pregnant couples (or singles), moms getting ready to give birth, and those who've recently given birth.

​Now you can receive the emotional and educational support you need from the comfort of your own home. We will keep you safe, protected, and well informed.

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