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HOW TO USE- Our 'Sacral Yoni: Infused Yoni Oil'

Unblock your chakra and your blessings with this infused oil. Infused with calendula and rose buds, this oil blend is created with herbs that aid in pH balance, supports increased natural lubrication & libido, and prevents in-grown hairs. Contains natural aphrodisiacs. Also aids in creativity, sensuality and sexuality. Keep your Yoni happy, clean, & grounded.

Tap into your divine feminine energy.


Apply oil to hands with dropper (a few should do it) and massage into the skin located at your Sacral Chakra point (pelvic area).

Can also be applied to the outer vagina (labium & clitoris). This can be used daily to prevent ingrown hairs, moisturize your skin down there. I like to apply the oil fresh out of the shower. I use it whenever I do kegels, and I make sure to apply it before meditation. I've used this oil to dress candles during rituals and meditations to unblock the sacral chakra.


2.75 OZ (78 g)

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