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BABY MOON: The Last Hoorah

You may be wondering, what in the world is a baby moon? And why you should take one?

A 'Baby Moon' is essentially a romantic getaway with your partner before the arrival of your new bundle of joy. Because, newsflash-- you won't be traveling for at least a couple of months.

Ideally, the trip should be taken before the last four weeks of your pregnancy. During that time you can literally give birth at any time (though there would be signs of labor before hand).

Now, I do realize that this is in fact a luxury and many families simply cannot go on an expensive vacation right before having a baby (babies are expensive!). And for those of you that can, let us know how your trip went in the comments below! But for the rest of us, the good news is a Baby Moon is more of a mentality than a location. A nice relaxing getaway or 'staycation' is all you need to constitute a Baby moon. Here are some suggestions for a budget friendly Baby Moon:

  • If you already have children, possibly find a sitter so you and your partner can enjoy a nice weekend at home together.

  • You can stay in your city, book a room at the fanciest hotel you can find. Then binge on room service. Netflix and chill until your new baby arrives.

  • Include the whole family! If you suffer from separation anxiety (like me), you may not want to getaway from your little one(s). Consider visiting an indoor water park for fun for everyone, all year round.

  • Baby moons are about preserving the bond between partners before the baby comes, but if circumstances don't allow. You can most definitely schedule a romantic vacation for after the baby is born.

Where would your ideal Baby Moon destination be? Let me know in the comments below.

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