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34 Lessons Learned Before The Age 34

It's my birthday!

So I'll keep it brief! The last 34 years have definitely an experience! But one that is mine, and mine alone. And though we are all on our own individual journeys I believe there are reoccurring themes, shared experiences, and _ that connect us all. So I thought I'd share 34 things I've learned before the age of 34...

So check out my reversed bucket list? I don't know if those are a thing but please enjoy. I took my time compiling this list (34 years! that's dedication).

  1. Once the moment has passed you can never get it back.

  2. Make the most of every moment, be present.

  3. No one is coming to save you, save yourself sis.

  4. Pride is a hell of a drug

  5. Share the wealth! Hoarding knowledge and resources is a hinderance to collective ascension. Other people gaining knowledge is never a threat to those with that knowledge already.

  6. But don't give it all away (I know, slight contradiction). Some things just can't be taught. Sometimes, it's just in you. It is the very thing that makes you, you. And that, you don't have to share with anyone.

  7. Set boundaries and respect them.

  8. It is perfectly ok to receive, life is about balance.

  9. You cannot do it all alone. It is ok to ask for help as often as you need it.

  10. There is no normal! We're all trying to figure it out!

  11. If it feels good, do that.

  12. If it feels wrong, trust your gut.

  13. When you're honest with yourself, your heart and mind are usually on the same page. Ego is not...

  14. We will leave a legacy behind, whether intentional or not. Maybe start shaping it that legacy to align with your purpose and who you are?

  15. Where there's smoke, there's fire... Stop ignoring the red flags.

  16. It's ok to be selfish! If someone is bothered by you prioritizing yourself, they're being selfish!

  17. Life is long! Make the choices that is going to set you up to enjoy that life!

  18. Live for you, because you are worthy. You don't need any other reason.

  19. Do it today. You're always going to find a reason not to, but will always wish you'd started sooner.

  20. Enjoy the ride! STOP LIVING IN THE PAST! I use to yearn for my old life. I wanted to go back to my carefree days, and I had definitely glamorized that experience only really remembering the good. It made me realize that the opposite was true for my current reality, I was only focused on the hard parts, the undesirable side of adulthood, etc. But finding the beauty in each moment and learning to appreciate my past experiences as experiences, rather than yearning to relive them, made the invaluable!

  21. Find out for yourself! It's ok to ask questions, and it's ok to question the source! A little research never hurt!

  22. Don't force it. Anything. Stop it. There is a distinct difference between communicating, following up, or trying to be assertive in a given situation and forcing a situation.

  23. SITUATIONAL AWARENESS! Being a Black woman, we have to be very aware of our surroundings and the comings and goings of any in our proximity. Situations can escalate quickly, but being aware helps to ease my anxiety, reaffirm my safety, and allow me to allow myself to experience new things.

  24. I am not my mistakes. I've learned. I've grown. It was not in vain.

  25. Forgive. Yourself. Others. Release that burden, it is holding you back and blocking your blessings.

  26. No one owes you anything. Every one has a choice, including you.

  27. Do what you love, what makes you feel fulfilled, not what every one else thinks you should be doing with your life.

  28. Say no. Stop worrying about being nice. Take up room sis!

  29. Self Love is the greatest love, no love can exist without it.

  30. ADJUST! Planning is all well and good, but you cannot plan for the unexpected. So plan on how to deal with yourself in those moments...

  31. YOU are your biggest fan. If you don't believe in your capabilities, how do you expect anyone else to?

  32. The people who want to be in your life, will be in your life.

  33. Change is inevitable. Embrace it.

  34. Try. You owe yourself that much.

I hope these lessons resonate with you. Let me know down below which was the hardest for you to learn on your journey so far?

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