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So, what is a Holistic Doula?
And do I need one?

Doulas have been around as long as women have been giving birth and are a key component to ensuring SAFE, KNOWLEDGEABLE, & SUPPORTED birthing experiences for their clients.

A doula is a trained companion who supports individuals through health-related experiences, such as childbirth. Doulas also provide ongoing emotional, physical, and educational support.

​A doula does not replace your partner or support person, instead we provide knowledge and support to prepare everyone before, during, and after the birth of your child. 

​Having the support of a doula for your prenatal, labor, or postpartum care is like having a friend to guide you who's been where you are currently, who will not judge your lifestyle or parenting choices, but will educate our clients to ensure you feel empowered when preparing for your newest family member.


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